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Reliability Checks

ERSI Institute in North Carolina

Reliability checks are designed for scale users who will be doing “high stakes” assessments, for example in quality rating systems, or program monitoring, and also for technical assistance staff using the scales in program quality improvement efforts.

Participants may choose to do 3, 4, or 5 days of practice observations.  Reliability checks include: 

  •  Training on how to calculate and document reliability
  •  Selection of the participant(s) who can work to bring others to acceptable reliability (reliability anchor or level 1  assessor)

Participant competence is determined by average of reliability (85% or higher) across the last three observations, and following of correct observation procedures.  Documentation of participation is provided and includes information on reliability scores of participants.

Additional days options include:

  • additional days of observation/debriefing as needed until reliability is reached
  • periodic reliability checks
  • writing accurate and clear summary reports
  • using the scales in technical assistance
  • establishing QRS systems that include the scales
  • procedures to ensure reliable and valid assessments

Scheduling procedure

Please contact Vanessa McCullough to schedule reliability checks.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule, but there are times we may not have group leaders available. 


A fee of $850 per person, per day covers the cost of the training. The fee does not include breakfast, lunch, dinners or overnight accommodations.  Participants should bring their own scale, with updated additional notes, and other materials needed to complete an observation (depth measuring stick, measuring tape, clipboard, etc.). 

Accommodations and travel

The Raleigh-Durham Airport is 18 miles from Chapel Hill. Participants will receive information about rental cars, taxis, airport limousines and shuttle service. Information will also be provided about hotels located near the training site.


The practice observations will run from approximately 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, so please make travel plans accordingly.  A group leader will meet and pick up participants from their hotel and take them to and from the observation and debriefing sites each day. 

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